On-Site Consulting

As Atlassian Solution Partner we deliver expert IT and business solutions for best-in-class Atlassian client services. Get the software of industry leaders supported by our expert processes.

Linchpin Projects

Partner with us for a Linchpin project and pay a fixed-price, including all services and licenses.

Linchpin Consulting

Design and customize your Linchpin Intranet to match your needs perfectly.

Linchpin Licenses

Purchase and renew licenses for the components of the Linchpin Intranet suite.

Linchpin Training

Make sure your teams are using Linchpin with maximum effectiveness.

Why Get Linchpin From Us?

Guaranteed Fixed Price Project or Technology Only

Our customers are our top priority. You can choose either to take advantage of our full-service deal including comprehensive on-site professional services, delivery and all licenses included in one fixed price. Or you can simply buy the technology only and starting using the impressive “out of the box” capabilities of the software from day one.

100% Transparent Pricing

There are no hidden fees: All processes and services are detailed up-front. We take the mystery out of intranet projects, offering you straightforward and comprehensive packages that can be rolled out fast. Linchpin is a proven and secure intranet solution based on Atlassian Confluence.

Modern Intranet

Get rid of your old, stale intranet that no one uses. Corporate communications hates maintaining it, and no-one is reading it. We will show you the difference that a fully personalized intranet makes: Use the best collaboration and knowledge management tools and you’ll see your teamwork and productivity skyrocket.

Digital Workplaces

In an obligation-free call and during our free remote demonstrations you’ll learn all about the cutting edge trends in productive digital workplaces, and see how the software is used on desktops, touchscreens and smartphones. Bring your workplace into the modern era of true digital collaboration.

Book your free demonstration and information session

As Atlassian Platinum Enterprise Solution Partners, we’ve conquered the biggest, most sensitive and mission-critical Atlassian projects, delivering first-class results. Trusted by the world’s biggest names, we bring you the Atlassian tools supported and fine-tuned with expertise. Increase your technology ROI with our product services.Contact us to arrange for your free demonstration and consultation today!

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